Where did the Morning go?

One doctor's appointment can shoot the whole morning. I was hoping this one would be quick but I had to wait thirty minutes in the examining room.

I don't blame the doctor. I know they don't want these back ups either, but they happen. I was hoping to get home to my Yoga class. Since I am always griping about Yoga you would think I would be happy but I know I have to force myself to do it to keep my old body going.

As it turns out I was late but there was still enough of a class for a decent work out. Now to everything else.

I do not know the meaning of the word bored. Over worked, extremely tired, and stressed out. I know all of those. Not really that bad. I am exaggerating a little.

Back to work.

Silver Lining at Pawleys Island Original 30" x 22"acrylic painting $1390.00




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