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What was Wrong with Alexander Graham Bell's Invention?

Phones still aren't working. We called our provider and he was not able to help us over the phone so we have an appointment for tomorrow morning.

Also, my son's new TV will not let us access channels. It keeps reverting back to Blue Ray so we need another lesson from the nice young friend that set it up. Everything is so complicated now.

Whenever I have these technology problems I think of my mother who also had trouble with all the new phone innovations. She often said,"What was wrong with Alexander Graham Bell's invention?

I don't really want to go back to the old days but the new versions of the phone can be so aggravating at times.

I will have a new painting demo up this afternoon! Check it out!



A Beautiful Moment

Original 16" x 20" oil painting $705

Check out my latest James River painting on Youtube!

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