We have to say good bye for the summer

Last Friday was my last swim day at the lake until next summer. There are no life guards now and I don't like to swim without them.

That 1962 song Sealed with a Kiss by Bryan Hyland kept going through my mind. We have to say good bye for the summer... Of course I didn't kiss the sand or any one there but I do hate to see the summer end.

I know it does not quite fit since it is about two people being apart for the summer but it sort of fits. I sing We have to say good bye to the summer.

Anyway, I will be there next year!

Check out my latest Youtube demo of a quirky heart. I may change this one and let this painting be the first stage. Not complicated enough for me but it does have some nice wet-in-wet effects.

Morning Stroll at Isle of Palms Original 40" x 30" oil painting $2480




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