We are not as stupid as we look

One of my favorite British series is Black Adder, a great comedy! In one of the episodes set around the time of George III the first dictionary is accidentally burned and Black Adder is trying to recreate it.

I don't remember it exactly but I think at one point Black Adder says he is not as stupid as he looks. Might have been another character. But I do remember that his assistant says I am as stupid as I look as he gives him ridiculous word definitions. His definition for sea is a great big wobbly thing with mermaids.

Anyway, yesterday Clyde and I set up my exhaust fan in my studio. The one I had in my other studio didn't work here so I bought a reverse air fan that sits in the window.

After a few dumb moves we got it in there and working fine which proves we are not as stupid as we look. LOL!

Lion Stare Original 14" x 11"Oil painting $338.00




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