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The Recycling Bin is in for a Shock

I have two huge garbage bags full of plastic bags. Why do I have two huge garbage bags full of plastic bags? Years ago I was faithfully recycling them at the grocery store then one day a young neighbor told me the manager always told him to take them out back and put them in the dumpster.

Well, that store is no longer around. Yesterday when I said I didn't want a plastic bag for a couple of items I mentioned the problem with collecting too many. The cashier said she would show me where I can recycle them in the store. I politely asked her is she was sure they would be recycled and told her about my young friend.

She was sure and asked another employee if they were indeed recycled. He said a truck comes and picks them up. Well, I am tired of all these bags so I am going to trust this store to do the right thing.

Those recycle bins will not know what hit them. I guess I better not take them all in at once. Cheers on a beautiful Wednesday and please check out my latest painting demo below.

Waving Beauty Original 16" x 20"oil painting $710



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