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Still Yelling at the Screen

Years ago I took up Yoga and it has done so much for my body. I used to have a lot of severe muscle problems even though I skated, danced, walked, and swam regularly. I wasn't stretching out my muscles.

I can't say enough about how great Yoga is but I HATE doing it. When I do an online one I cuss through most of it since it is a recording. I have a great teacher that has a Zoom class twice a week. She mutes us so there isn't any noise. I try real hard not to cuss since I am worried that the mute may be faulty.

Anyway, contrary to what they say about doing what feels good, none of it feels good to me but I will keep it up as long as I can. Yea Yoga! Now time to get to the studio for what really feels good.

Check out a short video below on a painting of a section of the beautiful James River near the Blue Ridge Parkway!


Claytor Lake Memory

Original 14" x 11" oil painting $338

Check out my latest floral demo on Youtube!

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