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More Sales of Popular Pawleys Island Painting

Not much to say today. I do know which wildflower painting I will be working on next.

I was real pleased with the fun reactions I received for my latest Youtube demo which is a Suggestion painting. These are paintings that are started out as abstracts and then if I see some forms I bring them out.

I love my Suggestion Series and this time a lot of forms showed up. One viewer told me what he saw at different times in the video. I will have to go back and check out what he was seeing. At the end of all his comments he said he was sober. LOL!

I am very pleased to sell another print of my second most popular shore painting, Beach Houses at Pawleys Island to a great Virginia patron! So glad this painting is getting around. The original was sold years ago.

I haven't been bloggin on Wix but I am going to connect the sale feature soon so I thought I would do some gabbing about my work here.

Cheers and Happy Holidays

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