Monday, Monday - What a Stinker

I work every day of the week at making and promoting my artwork. I also have a lot of housework, piano practice, and care giver work for an ailing husband who is definitely on the mend.

One day is the same as the next to me but today sure had a bad start. I won't go over the first problem since it involves someone that would rather not be mentioned here but the second one was a doozy.

I decided to stock up on all the heavy drinks that I buy so my cart won't feel like a boulder as I push it up the parking lot hill on Wednesday. All of them are in plastic except for one juice bottle that decided to sneak out of the bag and come crashing down onto the garage floor.

It is amazing how long it takes to get broken glass up. So many big pieces, little slivers, and tiny slivers. Hoping the rest of the day will not be like the Monday Garfield tried to escape.

Bisset Park Original 40" x 30"oil painting $2480



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