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I get such a kick out of old shows, especially Sandford and Son and The Dick Van Dyke Show. A while back they aired an episode of the show that starred Carl Riner as the character that Dick Van Dyke took over. It was awful. I can see why it was cancelled.

Carl Riner said the smartest thing he did was hire Dick Van Dyke for the part and completely re-worked the sitcom with different actors. He may not have had the lead but his part as Alan Brady was great!

My mother did not think much of TV. She said the mute button on the remote was her second favorite button. The off button was her favorite. Well, I said she must like the on button or she would not need the other two. She had to laugh at that.

There are a lot of shows I am not interested in but there are a lot I like.

Clouds over Buffalo Mountain Original 14" x 11" oil painting $338



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