Lots of great files of the New River

So behind in my paintings but I will get to the Claytor lake ones soon. Yesterday I got a lot of great files of the New River with fall colors that I want to turn into expressive paintings after the Claytor lake ones.

I need to order more paint from Utrecht. I mostly order their Gamblin oil paint which is very expensive and a better grade than Utrecht. On my last order I thought I included the blue I use a lot of and the other day I saw that I had not ordered it so have to get some more.

Some days I wish I had stayed in the traditional very thin to thick handling of paint. The paint lasts such a long time but now I am not happy unless I paint thin to very thick impasto layers.

The one below has a very strong visible topography. I am very pleased with it.

  1. New River Reflections Original 40" x 30" Oil painting $2480




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