Let's go back to Hymnals

We have great automation at church with big screens so people can follow the service without fumbling with a book. It is great for the service but I wish we would go back to hymnals.

Someone has to click the screens to get to each verse and that can be quite a problem for me, the pianist. Today was a bad day. I was well into the first hymn and no one was singing. I stopped and asked if I was on the wrong hymn and then everyone chimed in at the beginning.

Either the screen did not show up or the clicker thought I was still introducing the hymn. I can only see a tiny corner of the screen.

Lots of time the singers are dragging quite a bit so I drag with them. This time on the second verse of one of the hymns I played the correct tempo and they were so far off I went back to dragging it with them. I think the screen probably blinked out.

I miss the days when people sang out of a book. Much easier to go back to the beginning of the hymn for each verse in a book. Oh well. Usually it works out okay. Today was not one of those days.

Maybe the congregation will grow and we can get a choir together to lead the congregation.

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