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I know why the Caged Naturalist walks around the House

Well, not caged, but greatly restricted. I think Clyde is in for a few more months of this lengthy recovery. Two more procedures and then hopefully he will be back to normal.

He has been pleased with all the warblers he is seeing on his walks around the house. Migration is under way and he saw thirty different types of warblers yesterday.

I know those New River otters miss him. They will just have to bark at someone else if they can find anybody up as early as he was getting up to check out wildlife.

Back to artwork. Cheers on a beautiful Tuesday! Please check out my whimsical eye painting demo below. Also, go all the way down to see a favorite wildlife painting. On Wordpress these gaps don't show up. I need to get better about how I arrange Wix posts.



Snail Kite Original 11" x 9" Mixed Media Painting $340

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