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I Did Not Inherit the Shopping Gene

I think it is safe to say that women like to shop more than men do. I hate to shop. I like to spend time with my husband, paint, and watch movies. Shopping is not on that list.

Actually, my Dad loved to shop and my Mom didn't like it at all. He would shop for Christmas presents all year long. He liked to call it shoplifting for a joke. I didn't inherit that gene. I have to shop for clothes once in a while and if I am not done in ten to twenty minutes I am out of there.

I tried ordering a pair of pants online. I took my measurements and carefully ordered the size I should wear. They were so big they were slipping down my hips.

I mention this because I have a lot of shopping to do. I know. Boo hoo. Some people don't have money to shop so I shouldn't complain.

Looks like a beautiful Monday! Hope to get out there later.

Please check out my latest Youtube below!



Antler Swirl Original 16" x 20" Oil Painting $705

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