Hubby is still Recovering from Surgery

My husband had to have another Covid test since he did have some symptoms but it turned out they were related to his surgery.So glad my husband does not have Covid and here is hoping he completely recovers from surgery soon. I hate to see such a dedicated naturalist stuck at home. I know it is getting him down.

I finally started a new wildflower painting and am so pleased to be back to my oil paintings that take a considerable amount of time. I am still painting a small acrylic painting every week for Youtube. Due to the fact that they dry at the speed of light I can do many layers and get them done quickly. Be sure to click on my latest one. My channel is Kendall Kessler!

A Naturalist

Original 5" x 7" oil painting $500

Wall Art Prints and Prints on Many Items available with the below link

Check out my latest short video on beautiful Wintergreen resort off the Blue Ridge Parkway and have a great New Years celebration!

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