Going to Get Serious about my Wix Website

Updated: Apr 16

I am spread so thin over the internet and getting worn out with posts to I am going to work harder here so get more attention for my website. I am going to try to post every day or every other day.

My husband is improving but there is still quite a ways to go and he may have to have another procedure done that requires him to be put under. That always worries me but we will get through it. I can't seem to get back to my painting which is upsetting. I hope to get to the second stage soon.

The weather is beautiful and we have some gorgeous flowering trees in our year right now that put me in mind of my painting Pink Wave which is a popular painting of cherry blossom trees located at the Radford Public Library. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Pink Wave

Original 40" x 30" oil painting $2480

Wall Art Prints and Prints on Many Items available with the below link


Check out my latest short video on Farm Near Fancy Gap!

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