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Flashing Before My Eyes

My husband is doing better but is still recovering from his 5.5 month ordeal. So glad he is improving.

Last night I saw a firefly outside our window and it reminded me of how we liked looking at then when we were little. I loved walking barefoot but my Dad insisted we wear shoes to keep from injuring our feet on glass or getting stung, etc.

I remember one time when we visited our grandmother and Dad was not with us. I yanked those shoes off and had a great time running around and looking at fireflies.

Lots of times in movies or TV shows a character will talk about their life flashing before their eyes right before a time when they thought they were going to die.

For some reason my life is always flashing before my eyes, like a photo album on steroids. I don't know why that is but there are a lot of good memories that I enjoy.

Pawleys Island Atmosphere Original 40" x 30" Oil painting $2480



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