Faster than Greased Lightening

Not feeling too good today and I have so much to get done so I am going to get to all those chores faster than greased lightening. After I put up that title I realized I did not know where that expression came from so I looked it up. I love to learn and was surprised at the answer.

The expression “faster than greased lightning” appears to be one of the instances of American hyperbole about which British visitors to our shores, a century ago, were always complaining, or secretly envying.

Our ancestors, in the days of Washington, Adams, and Jefferson, were not content to indicate great speed in such a trite manner as “faster than lightning”; instead, knowing that a cart with greased wheels will go faster than if the wheels were dry, they merely greased the lightning.

Cheers on a fast moving Sunday!

Galloping Red 20"x 16" Oil painting $705



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