Experimental Paintings

I am looking forward to my Youtube demo today. I was going to paint an expressive painting of a hand but changed my mind. I think I will do that another time.

Today I want to paint another Suggestions painting. These are such great experiences to film since I never know how they will turn out at all.

I have an idea for the other series I do online but this series is an experiment from start to finish. I paint in an Abstract Expressionist manner and then if I see nebulous forms, I bring them out and sometimes add others for design purposes.

If nothing shows up then I add it to my Center of My Mind series, music without words.

I am going to try to avoid a lot of circle motions because that usually turns up fish or birds and I would like to see other forms. Anyway, my set-up is ready to go and I will get to the painting this afternoon.

Eliptical Fall Original 10" x 8" Oil painting $188




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