Computer and me are still fighting

I will be so glad when we get our new computer set up. Our friend has some serious family concerns so there is another delay.

Computers continue to baffle me. Sites baffle me. I am one baffled lady in front of a computer screen.

I changed my Apple ID yesterday. I was, of course sent in circles until I was able to change it. At one point in the circle they wanted me to log in with my password. I was changing it because the one I had written down was not right.

They wanted a code that was sent to me. There was no code sent to me. I sure say the word ARGHHHH a lot in front on this machine. After a few more circles I finally got it done.

I am also having some weird problems with a site but I am not getting into that one. Oh well. Computers are great in many ways and I will keep at it. Cheers on a crazy computer day!

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