Amazing what you can get done if you just do it

Finally organized my huge collection of VHS and DVD movies. As I have said before my tastes are not typical so a lot of my VHS movies are not available to stream or in DVD format. Most of my DVDs are not available to stream or purchase.

My collection is very important to me. I love all the arts and get so much out of good productions. I have read many books after seeing the movie version which is a great experience.

I always think the book is better but I still like the movie and movies can offer a lot to the viewer that a book can't offer so it is a win win to see the movie and read the book.

Anyway, I don't have to look for any now that they are all in order on a shelf and in a cabinet that has the VHS TV on top.

Now on to another chore.

  1. Poppies and Lace Original 40" x 30" oil painting $2480

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