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Always Pleased to Sell Wall Art Prints

It is so great to sell wall art prints of my work. Just received notice of another large wall art print sale of Blue Life. This is one of the paintings I did for my thesis for my MFA degree. As always, I am quite the colorist and the painting is more about the strong interaction of color than anything else. I am also into strong textural surfaces.

As one of my professors said about my colors - They sing! I don't have it listed here. It is not for sale but I always have prints for sale of all my work. I am going to offer prints here soon. Here is the painting and a link to prints sales on my other website.

Beautiful day today! Hope my husband and I can get out there. So much to do all the time!

Blue Life

Original 8" x 10" oil painting NFS

Wall Art Prints and Prints on Many Items available with the below link

Check out my latest floral demo on Youtube!

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