Shark Beauty is another one of my Kendall Expressions paintings.  In these paintings I am emphasizing my expressive side.  I have always been fascinated by sharks and am dedicating this painting to Rob Stewart the maker of Shark Water and Revolution.  I admire Rob's efforts to bring attention to the importance of this fantastic predator and how essential they are to our ecosystem.  

I spent much of my childhood around water.  I played at a creek near our house, oftentimes by myself.  

We spent most of our summers at Rehoboth Beach and I have many fond memories of those time.  I love to body surf and fish.  I would often get up very early before anyone else was awake to go fishing by myself.  My parents thought that was so strange and often told others about my fishing trips.

My brother and sisters and I would spend hours in the surf just riding the waves.  We loved to just rise up with them like we were on some sort of amusement park ride.

Shark Beauty


    Shark Beauty is a 20" x 16" acrylic painting on canvas panel in a solid wood molded frame.

    The painting can easily be taken out of the frame if professional framing is desired.