Outside Porterfield is a snowy view outside a office I used to have in Porterfield Hall, Radford University where I was a part-time Asst. Prof. of Art.  The windows on the left are Porterfield and the building across from the window is McGuffey Hall. My office mate loved plants and I thought her plants with this snowy view would make for an interesting painting.  The painting is in a metal frame.


 House on Chesterbrook Road in McLean is a colorful view of a home in McLean that I thought would make a nice painting. This is a low level impasto painting with a lot of color nuances.



My paintings have been seen throughout the United States in national, international, and group shows.  I have won numerous awards, including awards from Dorothy Gillespie, May Stevens, Frank Webb, and Daniel Greene. My paintings were in two group shows on Broadway and my biography is included in The Original Marquis Who's Who in America.

I taught in the Art Department of Radford University for a twenty years as Assistant professor.  I taught Art Appreciation, Drawing, Oil Painting, Watercolor painting, Foundations, and served as Gallery Director for one year.I received many compliments on my course curriculum.  

I enjoyed working with Art and Design students.  My Art Appreciation course was hands-on and  Oftentimes I had students that were not enrolled ask me if they could sit in for a class.  I have fond memories of those guest students!  What a great compliment for me!

My best-selling print, "Reaching Out", was selected from over three million works of art on Fine Art America to be on the set of The Mindy Project and I appeared with my artwork on The Hour of Joy on FoxTV out of Roanoke on March 10th 2013.  

I live to paint and it is important to me to find homes for all of my creations.  I have originals and prints in thirty-two states, Canada, England,Germany, Russia, Switzerland, India, and Australia.

I also have paintings in the private collection of famous Hollywood actress, Morgan Fairchild.

Be sure to check out my YouTubes.  Here is the address for my first video about my drawing on The Mindy Project!   http://youtu.be/vOyjIZ__lq4

Towhee Hill Studio is open to the public by appointment.  540-257-3437


Outside Porterfield Hall

  • Outside Porterfield Hall is a 30" x 40" impasto oil painting on hardboard in a silver colored metal frame.


    The painting can easily be taken out of the frame if professional framing is desired.

  • I accept returns for thirty days after purchase with a refund of the purchase price of the painting.  Patron is responsible for shipping fees.


    I consider the shipping fee to be a rental fee since the patron can keep the painting for a month.