Looking at Me is a painting of my son when he was nine months old.  I was not happy with this painting when I did it.  I recently worked on it and now I am completely satisfied with it.  I did a number of paintings from photographs of Alan when he was young and I was amazed at how he seemed to pose for me when he was a baby.  

In one photograph, as soon as he saw the camera he grabbed his foot and held it up and grinned.  We are always amazed at how fast our children grow up and I miss a lot of his younger years.  I still have many vivid memories of so much of what he did and said.  I wrote down many things he said so I wouldn't forget those times. I am especially pleased with the sumptuous light effect in this painting.

Looking at Me

  • Looking at Me is a 18" x 24" impasto oil painting on stretched canvas in a light weight metal frame.


    The painting can easily be taken out of the frame if professional framing is desired.