House in Blacksburg is one of my favorite whimsical studies in light and shade.  I greatly modified the light effect that I saw to create a surreal atmosphere. I often elaborate on color schemes or invent my own.  I mostly work with light effects I like and enhance certain colors and textures to make the work lively and unique to me.  

The colors of light and shade are most evident in the early morning and evening.  The magic hour truly is the magic hour and I never tire of trying to capture the wonderful warm/cool effect that makes objects look like they are dissolving into the end of the day. In the morning light objects look like they are coming out of the light the way a magician appears in a puff of smoke. 


I like to work with evening light the most but I do have some morning studies.  The dissolution of form in The Blue Ridge Mountains is incredible.  What a symphony of color!

House in Blacksburg

  • A Memory is a 42" x 32"  oil painting on stretched canvas.

    The painting can  be professionally framed if desired.