Colored Light All Over My Skates is an expressive pastel painting of colored rink lights on my skates.  I consider my style to be unique to me but it does have Impressionistic and Expressionistic elements.  

I think this work emphasizes the expressive elements in a pastel drawing.  I left the plane that the skates are on out of the work to give it a somewhat magical appearance. The pastel is in a white mat.

I love to skate and have had some wonderful times ice skating and roller skating. It is one of my favorite sports along with Line Dancing.  I think the reason I like skating so much is because it is done to music at rinks.  Great exercise and great fun!

Colored Lights all over my Skates

  • Colored Lights all over my Skates is a 18” x 24” soft pastel painting on paper. It

    is not framed because I cannot guarantee a soft pastel painting will arrive without

    pastel dusk on the mat.


    The painting can be professionally framed by the patron.