Birthday Party or A Child's View is a painting done from a photograph I took at a two-year-old's party.  I have often been asked why the title is Birthday Party since there are no balloons, cake, etc.  The balloons and cake were in another room.

The two-year-olds were involved in parallel play and I wanted to paint something that showed the viewer how that age group sees the world.  Since they are usually on the floor playing by themselves their view is oftentimes hands and legs of adults hence the second title.  

This painting has an intense surface and is in a silver colored metal frame. This is an impasto painting and is colorful and peaceful.

Birthday Party or A Child's View

  • Birthday Party is an 40" x 26" impasto oil painting on hardboard and in a light weight silver colored metal frame.

    The painting can easilly be taken out of the frame if professional framing is desired.